sobota 5. septembra 2015

V/A "THE SPY 001" (198?)

Kazetová výberovka od talianskeho labelu Old Europa Cafe, na ktorej je zastúpená európska alternatívna scéna 80-tych rokov. Za Československo hrajú MCH BAND.



Cassette compilation from Italian label Old Europa Cafe. Weird music all over the Europe.


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  1. Hey dear blogger, if you're interested i've download this rare compilation from here and divived all the tracks in a properly way (i've especially fought with the noise..). The Spy. 001 was made in 1986 for sure (how you can read here from the discography of one of the band included in the compilation as Opera). Write me a mail at and i will provide the divided compilation for you (to re-post here if you like). Best regards from the dark Italy and thank you for this rare release. M.


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