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TIZEDES MEG A TÖBBIEK - maďarský 80´s HC/punk.


Toto demo som už na blog kedysi dával, no teraz je tu s presnejšími informáciami.


Hungarian 80´s punk 



Krátke info od Lászla z Budapešti ku kapele TIZEDES MEG A TÖBBIEK:

Tizedes (Attila Márton's  nickname) is still very active with his newer band, Bandanas in which play Gyuri Papp also who was a member of Tizedes meg a többiek. (He is that funny guy in Lucile's docu film. And maybe Tizi is also in the film with his bandana - I don't remember exactly.)
A good news for you: a LP was pressed in this March, with original demo from 1985 on A side, and the same songs with better quality from 2005 on B side.

(Trottel Records also published songs of Marina Revue (1984/1985) on LP, if you are interested in.)

Tizi (Attila Márton) has an own studio where he helps new HC bands to make demos almost free, he had organized a very good, cheap, wild music club (Durer Pince), but he had to close it because it hurts some other official concert organizers' business.


+ krátke info, ktoré mi napísal v maily na margo kapely GYPSY SS:


I'm glad you loved Gipsy SS. They will play in Budapest on Friday if it is not far for you ;-) 
I know their songs, because the design of their demos was made by Fefi who lives in Budapest and who is a member some other good bands as Norms (https://normsbp.bandcamp.com/ ), Berosszulás (https://berosszulas.bandcamp.com/ ), Piss Crystals (https://pisscrystals.bandcamp.com/) etc.

Gipsy SS is from Szombathely where there are many very good HC band for ages, e.g. Social Free Face (Borzsi is a member of Gipsy SS also), Liberal Youth, or some younger band: Önkiirtás (https://onkiirtas.bandcamp.com/ ), Kristályvonat (https://kristalyvonat.bandcamp.com/releases ), Wroong! (https://wroongg.bandcamp.com/) - it is a real scene, it is called SCHC (Savaria Colonial Hardcore)
They planned only 1 concert when they organized a festival in 2015, because every members plays in other bands also (e.g. Youth Violence) , but finally they continued.
You can find some concert videos in Youtube if you have not searched there yet.

There is a long Hungarian interview here: http://catnippunks.blogspot.com/2017/02/kellett-egy-nev-ami-jo-geci-gipsy-ss.html



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