piatok 29. novembra 2019

VOLE - Vole Demo (2017)

Kamoš z kapely ma upozornil na fasa punkovú bandu z Česka.





This piece of brutal violence have been produce after some months of every week playing crazy shows around Czech republic. nice sentence

Recorded by Oskar in our rehearsal room in Prague after last cigarette in Libeň non-stop bar.

HC/punk band Vole "is band around Prague Hluch Crew and Academy of Fine Art in Prague charging hardcore with punk illusions (no art). Their music is pure essential and good for apocalyptic meditation in pit full of serpents. Angelic-razor guitar, bubbling drums, fluffy bass and voice of Shiva that's the Vole. Fighting police, nude showers in storm, spiting on cabrio driver, friends everywhere, no money, no own instruments, delay and distrotion".


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