streda 15. januára 2020

Purrkur Pillnikk ‎– No Time To Think EP (1982)

Vonku je fakt zima. 
Snáď zahrejú PURRKUR PILLNIKK - post-punk z roku ´82 z Islandu.

Purrkur Pillnikk ‎– No Time To Think



Purrkur Pillnikk was a punk/post punk band in Iceland in the early 80s. The band existed for 18 months (1981--1982) and was very active as they released at least two LPs, one live-album and two EPs. The distinguishable character of the band was Einar Örn's howling and off-key singing and his lyrics that most often described very day-to-day things but with a lot of interwoven angst. Members of the band later found themselves in KUKL, or in 1986 in the Sugarcubes.


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