streda 2. decembra 2020

Тибетски Сърца ‎– Hearts Of Tibet 1991-1993 "Water Colour"


Tibetské srdcia - bulharská electro-new wave legenda.

Mám len MP3, obal ku tomu som našiel na Discogse. Nie som si ale istý či korepšonduje s nahrávkou dema, je to bootleg a obsahuje aj iné pesničky. Toto demo "Watercolour" je také viac new wave.

1991 - Тибетски сърца.rar


Tibetan hearts are influential Bulgarian electronic music group, which according to some initiated the beginning of electronic music in Bulgaria. The musical group was established in 1991 in Sofia having five members, influenced by new wave style. Later on they elaborated their proper electronic dance music style that would become later known as Tech-Trance, characteristic mostly for the Bulgarian early electronic movement.

A year later in 1992, brass-section joined the band and they started experimenting within the music style fusion. (Discogs)


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