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DJ ZDENA a niekoľko jeho songov. Sample a hovorené slovo/spev.


DJ ZDENA - samples and spoken words/singing.

More info here: Interview w DJ ZDENA taken from blog Slusaj Najglasnije:

Some time ago I received an email from D.J. Zdena out of the blue (or so I thought) asking if I would like to hear some of his music. Spanski Brijac by: Lutajuci D.J. Zdena

I of course responded positive as I am sure most reading this would. Soon in the mail I received his cd (along with a couple of others which I will save for a later review) and was thoroughly pleased. Basically D.J. Zdena sings over instrumentals. But the instrumentals are wide and varied - surf, garage, polka, raggae, rock, you name it. It must be his voice, euro-nasal, croatian (all songs are performed in Croatian), and somehow forboding. At the current time this is my favorite cd to listen to when alone and enjoying a few beers. The voice, the voice, the voice. All I can say is that it is very expressive and emotional. It must be heard to be appreciated.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to interview the man even though my interviewing skills are shamefully weak. I suppose one of the amazing things in this world is the fact that it is so easy to meet musicians and hear their music from every corner of the globe and it is especially nice when you get ahold of something that you really enjoy. But enough of my babble, here is the interview:

First question is personal, how did I get lucky enough to be on your mailing list?

Lately I use to send music from my "label" to radio stations all over the world. Here in my "village" nobody is interested in it. I send some to Missouri, St. Louis radio stations which liked it and play it. When I got a message which is sent to more persons I push forward button and I see all e-mail addresses. Then I write to all those people and a few answer me. Same as you do. If that person is interested I send them a few of my sampler "digital records".

Ok, on with the other questions, 1. Your album Spanski brijac, what does that mean in English again?

That is a tough one. Spansko is a name of a part of a suburb of Zagreb where I live. Spanski means Spansko's. Brijac (Briyoch) is a barber or razor and it is a slang for a person which leads a way of life which include going out at night, drink, smoke, take drugs and things in similar fashion. It is also a play with a words because Spansko is similar in our language to Spanish and to "Sevila's Barber" by I think Ravel. I hope you'll understand that.

2. Did you use some kind of fancy keroke machine to strip the vocals off of these songs?

I don't use machines. I use instrumental songs and just add my vocal. I don't touch the music. All songs on my album are first take. I don't rehearse. I came to studio and do it.

3. Is any of the music original?

Music is not original. Although I don't know to sing very well it is kind of singing and singing is music. Mine are words. You can read some on my web site.

4. Any influences that you can list? I know that is a really dumb and irritating question but I ask anyway?

No, it is not dumb or irritating to me. Questions like that or any other are good to me because now I can say the things that are in me and without that questions maybe they never come out. First influence on me was a guy named "Prederemte" (Tearyou). I was a kid (5-6 years) living in a suburb (village) of Zagreb (capital of Croatia) and there I saw that guy all dressed in black. Black tailcoat and a black hat. He always carried a violin. I never hear him playing. He was like a musician and a village's fool. Kids are yelling at him "Tearyou" and he was always answering "Your mother's cunt". But I was never yelling, I was just looking for him. I never meet him. He died a few years later. A train hit him. When I started to listen to music (early '70's) we kids listen to english glam: Gary Gliter, Sweet, Mud, Suzy Quatro(lately I found out she is from Detroit), Dr. Feelgood etc. Than came punk and all other music. Now, my main guy is Willie Dixon. Lately I discovered: Sly & Robbie, Fela Kuti, King Tubby. I like all kinds of music. I think there's just good and bad music. Also, words are more important than music to me.

Damn, I suppose that I really hate asking questions like these, I would prefer if you could just send me something back telling me what the hell you think of all of this - whatever you'd like. I myself hate it when people ask me questions like those that I have asked before, they make everything kind of meaningless and too easy to define. I like to ask questions of nonsense more than anything.
I understand you. I hate when they ask me how I started my label and how I met some artists which later became more famous in my country and why I leave them. They wonder why I don't want to make big money. Money is not important to me, on contrary. Money made bad things to me. I have unstable character.

Don't get me wrong, I like your music, quite a bit actually, I am just not sure if asking the normal, "why do you like music?" questions valuable in any conversation with any artist. I would prefer to know how much you drink, and why or why not? Or, do you read the Bible while thinking of porn? Or, do you have any animals similar to squirrels in Croatia as when I was in Italy I didn't see any.

I'm really glad you like my "music" and I like your normal and unnormal questions. I like music because musicians are kind of witch-doctors and witch-doctors were first drug users. I also like drugs but I don't like addiction. And musicians are very well in drug use. That's why I like music. I don't drink anymore because of my problem with a liver. I didn't stop because of a liver problem. I stopped because lately after two or three beers my head starts to hurt me. I think I have an Indian gene, too. I stopped to drink coffee, I'm trying to quitt cigarettes. I smoke marihuana regulary. I stopped to do heroin and methadon in '95. I used to like LSD and Votka because of good halucinations. I used to read a bible. Good one is "Song over Songs" from which I made my song "Love is Strong as Death". I like to watch. Porn too. Never read a bible while thinking of porn. I live near the wood and there's a lot of squirrels here. They're hard to see. Near my house is a well where salamanders came. They're black and yellow and wet and really great to watch.


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