piatok 9. mája 2014

VISMAZ TRIS VARDI "Peremat" (2006)

"Creation in decay / relations in silence
mutual trust / revive fully
ability to create - burried in the beginning
lavatory of symbols - in vacuum of ideas
reproduction in existence / movement in to dead-end
overall dependance / in daily routine"

(VISMAZ TRIS VARDI - Creation in decay)

Metal-core/screamo z Lotyšska. 8 hustých, expresívnych skladieb vrátane coveru od punkových 33 LETNIJ PODONOK.



Short-living band from Rīga, Latvia playing in 2004 – 2006.
Vismaz Trīs Vārdi was a metal and hardcore punk band from Rīga, Latvia. It was formed in 2004 by musicians of Latvian bands as Hope Dies Last, One Voice, Alerģija, Danga, When My Authorities Fall and Kuru Ksetra. The band split up in 2006, shortly after releasing its debut album Peremat.


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