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Milleniumi Földalatti Vasútvonal - ??? (198?)

80´s novo-vlnný/alterantívny post-punk z Maďarska. 14 songov.

Milleniumi Földalatti Vasú


New wave/post-punk from Hungary. Unknown band for me. I do not have title, nor year of release.

Band info: 

Guitarist Andrej Kiszeljov, lyricist-animator Zsolt Döbrentey and another guitarist Péter Mészáros established the band around 1982.
The first period of their activity between 1982-85 was characterized with harsh feelings and direct expression of political attitude. In 1985 the new percussionist became László Kreutz. Róbert Németh saxophonist also joined the band that year. Since then this second period was about searching for indirect and associative content and relating music, since the Hungarian authority’s internal affairs agents censored their previous work. At the beginning of the 90’s on the cassette entitled “Szemétzene” vocalist became Bea Virth.
Between 1990-93 the band gave many concerts in Fekete Lyuk, Tilos az Á and in Pécs. However for timing problems it became harder and harder to give concerts. Setting of those years was the following: Kiszeljov, Döbrentey, Kelényi, Tóth, Kreutz, Zoltán Sárközi (guitar) and Bea Virth.
The story of the group ended in 1995, though Kiszeljov and Sándor managed to record one more material.


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