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SEKTOR GAZA - S/T (1989)

Ruský punk. Prvý krát som o kapele čítal v knihe Discography Of Eastern European Punk Music 1997-1999, kde bol charakterizovaná ako: "...former official punk band, typical and good Soviet-type punk". 

Tu je ich prvý album.

SEKTOR GAZA - ST 1989.zip


Sektor Gaza (Russian: Сектор газа, Gaza Strip; also sounds like "gas sector" ("throttle quadrant") in Russian) was the name of a rock band formed by Юрий Клинских on December, 5, 1987 in the city of Voronezh, Russia, who still remains one of the most popular in Russia, although it was never acknowledged officially. The name of the group has nothing to deal with the Middle East conflict, it was named after an ecologically contaminated industrial zone of Voronezh, which the natives call "Sector of gas". As for their music, one may say they play a kind of Russian punk, using different musical trends, such as rock, rap and Russian folk. Their frontman Yuri Nikolaevich Klinskikh  died at the age of 35 in Voronezh (Russia). He is buried on a Levoberezhniy cemetery.



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