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I would like to advertise one book today. It is called DISCOGRAPHY OF EASTERN EUROPEAN PUNK MUSIC 1977-1999

Includes countries:
Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, German
Democratic Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia,
Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia,
Serbia & Montenegro (FRY), Slovakia, Slovenia, Tuva,

Bonus: Cuba and the People's Republic of China!

220 pages, 1200+ bands indexed, contact addresses,
bibliography, full listing of vinyl and CD's, selection of
cassette-only releases, including song titles.

It was completised by Luk Haas from Tian An Men 89 records.
Yes, many bands missing, there is lots of grammar mistakes and some inaccuracies, but this book can be really helpfull for collectors or for those who want to know more bands from East-europe countries.

You can order it thru Darbouka records, it is friend-label and distributor of TaM89, here is contact:


Now some info about label:(taken from their web-site:

Tian An Men 89 Records was created in 1993 in the purpose of releasing
punk music from parts of the world where, due to financial reasons, civil
wars, or lack of record factories, there is no possibility for the bands to
release their music on vinyl.

We got the idea after extensive travelling and meeting great bands in
various corners of the world. Our idea of punk is to accept that exist
different definitions of it in different places. Punk is universal and
transcends cultures. It is definitely not a sterile, narrow style, monopolized
by Westerners, as some would like to believe.

We release limited editions 7" vinyl EP's (500 copies) (and 12"LPs too now)
coz it seems that's been enough so far for the worldwide underground
punk network which is usually more into the latest MTV cloned punk stars.
We don't care coz we know WHY we do this and that's certainly not for the
money! 20% of each release pressed is sent to the bands as their share, so
that records are also distributed in the country of origin. Our records (and
books!) are not distributed through the commercial circuit. DIY network
only. Tian An Men 89 is non-profit and fueled by passion and friendship

Tian An Men 89 believes individual positive actions and international
solidarity can make a change towards a fairer and more beautiful world.


I tried few times to contact Luk Haas and asked for interview, but alwas just short mail answer - sorry, I am busy... I I put here this very good interview from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL zine no. 307/2008. Enjoy!

and here is Luk´s answer to questions: "What made you become a punk?"
"What keeps you attracted to punk?" from Swiss zine "Slaughtered Trees and Toxic Ink" no.4. done by Pablo:

+You can also download and listen radio show with Luk, where you can hear bands from different countries all over the world!

...a nakoniec ešte úryvok z knihy Kytary a řev...
kde Luk Haas odpovedá na otázku: "Punk v Československu pred rokom 1989 - čo sa ti pri týchto slovách vybaví a akú rolu hrá punk rock v tvojom živote dnes?"


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