piatok 20. novembra 2009

PSÍ VOJÁCI "Nalej čistýho vína, pokrytče" 1991

PSÍ VOJÁCI are one of the most recognized alternative Czech band. They are playing since 1979 till now. Their first concert was on Prague jazz days in 1979 organised by Jazzova sekce. During the communist times they can´t play legally, so they use pseudo-name P.V.O.

Current line up: Filip Topol - piano, David Skála - drumms, Luďek Horký - bass.

So, this is their first full-lenght album from 1991.

here: http://www.mediafire.com/?qy3kmzrznzw

...and their name came from war-group of one indian tribe.

Filip Topol playing on piano


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