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MAŤKOVIA 1982 - 1986

front cover


MAŤKOVIA (Mathews) were more or less free studio group of musicans working in Slovak Broadcast in that times. They feel emptyness of soc-real pop music and also they were influenced by punk, new wave or R.I.O. bands. So Maťkovia making "infantile", ironic songs with different music genres subbases. Mainly it was alternative rock, we can say. Songs were recorded in legal studios in 1982-86. I think that this is one of the best slovakian alternative album ever.
It was released as LP on Zoon records in 1991.
One of lead musiacan - Martin Burlas - is music composer, who still continue with different music activities to present times.

album is here:


Platňa sa myslím ešte dá zohnať - napríklad v bratislavskom kníhkupectve Artfórum, za pár Eur. Oplatí sa.


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