piatok 1. januára 2010


Blog power. As I read in book "DIY, The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture" by Amy Spencer, "...blog has become almost interchangeable with online journal. People are not only including information abou their activities but also their own lives. The blog format can be easily used as an online diary and people can it to write about their day-to-day experiences or as creative outlet".
But today I will mentioned few blogs which are focusing mainly to music, not too much personal stuff, but you can find some personal attitudes behind posted music of course.

Lets go!

is punk blog with tons of A-punk stuff, 82 punk and HC. Always great records.

- many records from many countries. Punk has no borders.

- uf, many post-punk stuff, great.


- lots of great bands form ABGAS to X and ZVONCEKOVA BILJEŽNICA too (and beware, some racist stuff too!),lots of great compilations, mainly US and German things, different genres, classic stuff!

punky-rock records,or as author wrote: "...out-of-print
three-chord obscurica (punk, pop-punk, mod, power-pop,
folk, country...whatever.)"
simply gooood blog.

- amazing blog with tons records, obscure, unknown, great, different genres.

-crazy blog with everyday uploading - unknown obscure bands - electronica, noise, weird stuff, synth, experimental and more...taken from TAPES mainly.

many, many great records...punk, HC and more.

ok, that is all for now,there are so many good music-blogs around, more later... check it, listen, enjoy and try to create something of your own.


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