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Today I put here one older zine (from mid 90s) which was done by Swiss punker Pablo. He was really active in underground punk/HC scene mainly in 90s. He played drumms in many bands, released many records, run the labels - Resistance prod. and Strongly Opposed...and lots of other activities. This zine was called SLAUGHTERED TREES AND TOXIS INK. Theme was: punk. Or excactly - whole zine consisted from answers of different punks all over the world. Answers to questios: What made you become a punk? What keeps you attracted to punk?
So, if interested - read:


dnes je k dispozícii jeden starší punkový zin (písaný anglicky). Skladá sa z odpovedí pankáčov z celého sveta na otázky: Ako si sa dostal k punku? Čo ťa na punku stále drží, zaujíma? Odpovedajú vydavatelia, ľudia z kapiel, skrátka ľudia nejako aktívni v punkovej scéne. Treba vziať do úvahy, že zin vyšiel pred (cca) 15 rokmi.

And one more info. My friend Paya from Brno made english version of his zine, this is his add:


Let me proudly announce you, that after over two years, there's finally the
English version of DRUNK NACH OSTEN zine #2 (incredible, but true).

68 pages, black-and-white format A5, all in English.
Includes interviews with HUMAN ERROR (crustcore, Hungary), Sanych from DEFECT
INDUSTRY zine and ME4TEC (noisecore, Belarus), GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA (80's
punkrock, Russia) and CRITICA RADICALA (Romanian punk from Germany); articles
about HC/underground in Latvia, History of Czech punk (KECUP, A64), Scene
from Ukraine, report from Balkanikacore fest 2008; + shitloads of reviews,
lyrics and photos.
All dedicated just and only to East-European diy punk/hc.
Again comes with a compilation CD-R which contains 38 songs by most of the
mentioned in the zine.

The whole zine in pdf + CD-R in mp3 is available for free download from
Feel absolutely free to make more copies and spread the zine to your friends,
your distro etc. (I'll be just glad if you let me know about that.) Please
forget to include the compilation. Thanx!

Paper copies done by offset printing will be coming this spring. Get in touch
you'd like to get some copies for yourself / your distro blabla... Trades are
welcome, punk post is welcome too!:

Cheers and beers!
Paayajainen - eastward drunk


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