pondelok 5. júla 2010

THE CHEMISTRY SET "The Chemistry Set"

Z času na čas dostanem chuť na muziku rokov 60tych a 70tych. Niekedy si vtedy pustím kapelu z rokov 80tych. CHEMISTRY SET. Ich inšpirácia Sydom Barrettom, Beatles a Pink Floyd s psych-zvukom ma dostala. Kazeta vyšla na labely ACID TAPES (http://www.rainfallsite.com/Acid.html). Dá sa objednať tiež ako CD-r verzia.

TAB 044
THE CHEMISTRY SET "The Chemistry Set"

TRACKS: The Rainbow Song/The Dreams That I Saw Yesterday/ Under The Valley (Where Mushrooms Grow)/I Can See You/These Are Like Castles/Minas Tirith/Love Will Always Disappear/The Postman Rides His Bike/Sitting On Top Of The World/As Jane Arrived (Who Brought Us Here)/You Make Me Feel Like I'm Sublime.

"This tape by THE CHEMISTRY SET caused quite a stir when it originally did the rounds and still contains some of their best material. Recorded on four track in a rush of inspiration the songs are all classic pop psychedelia with great melodies and hooklines and soaring harmonies. Mixing the flavours of Syd Barrett, The Beatles, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and others in a collection of songs most people would kill to have written. Unfortunately the band never did live up to their promise and next to their unreleased "Sounds Like Painting" this is probably their finest hour."

info from http://www.rainfallsite.com/Acid.html




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    The Chemistry Set have a brand new album out:
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  2. hello, is it possible to re-up? that would be great, thanks !