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Kapelu KAMPEC DOLORES som videl na živo pred dvoma rokmi na festivale v Mikulove. Dovtedy som ich poznal len zbežne, z knihy Luka Haasa a z myspace. Po ich koncerte som chcel počuť od tejto zaujímavej kapely viac, tak som sa pustil do hľadania. Nakoniec mi chalanisko z Maďarska s ktorým som menil muziku, poslal ich prvé dva albumy v MP3. Prvý môžeš počuť tu.
Pred časom sme mali so STEHom hrať v Maďarsku a že vraj aj práve s KAMPEC DOLORES, žiaľ zišlo z toho. No nič, tak si ich pustím aspoň z compu.


As you can read in Discography of eastern european punk music 1977-1999 book, KAMPEC DOLORES are "experimental punk with lots of variety and excellent musicanship (ex-Kontroll Csoport)".
Try it and enjoy their first album.

"Kampec Dolores was founded in 1984 by Csaba Hajnoczy, Gabi Kenderesi and Szini (she used to sing and play guitar, later she changed for electric bass). In the early days they supported Nico in Budapest (1985), played at Eastern Europe's first international alternative festival (Carrot Festival, Warsaw 1987), and were support act for the 12-country revival tour of legendary American band Pere Ubu in Europe (1988). Their first record was initiated by The Ex, who invited Kampec Dolores to record in Amsterdam and released the LP on the Konkurrel label (1988). Kampec Dolores toured in almost all the countries of Europe from Spain to Moscow and from Sweden and Norway to Italy and Yugoslavia (1988/2002). They made their North-American debut at the prestigious Victoriaville Festival in Canada ('99).

The musical evolution of Kampec Dolores started from "new rock" selfmade experimentalism. Over the years the band came through a whole lot of ethnic, contemporary and improvisational influences. All the albums represent a different stage of the proccess. The earlier ones mostly concentrated on "songs". ?Levitation? was called by local press the best Hungarian alternative record in the year 1991. (It was internationally released by ReR Megacorp, London.) In the period of ?Eye of the Needle? (rel. 1993) the sound was based on the presence of two guitars. The point of "Rapid" (1996) was to create a larger construction, and a more free and associative playing as well. Singer Gabi has developed her own way of almost wordless singing. She uses unknown languages and unusual vocal technics. ?Sitting on the Buffalo?, which was released in October 2000, features both songs and ?pieces?. The diversity of the influences, adopted in their own style, makes the group able to play for different audiences.

Kampec Dolores concentrates around the couple of Csaba HAJNÓCZY and Gabi KENDERESI. The band has been their main musical activity. Both of them are part of Kiss Erzsi Music. They were part, together with Amy Denio (Seattle, USA) and Pavel Fajt (Brno, Czech Republic), of the ?Danubians? project (1999-2001). They are also regularly collaborating with István Grencsó in various formations. Gabi appears on The Ex's "Joggers and Smoggers? album. Csaba played from 1980 to 83 in Kontroll Csoport (Control Group), one of the leading bands of Hungarian new rock of those years.

Árpád VAJDOVICH (bass guitar), after his jazz studies in Budapest and Hilversum, NL, playes in various Hungarian jazz, rock and electronic acts. He's the bass player for Kiss Erzsi Music too.

Tamas OLVECZKY (drums) playes with various jazz and rock groups.

István GRENCSÓ is one of Hungary?s most original saxophone players. From the late seventies on he played with various formations of the great Hungarian jazz musicians Mihaly Dresch and Gyorgy Szabados. In 1985 he formed Grencso Kollektiva, which is still his main activity. His music is always strongly attached to the culture and traditions of Eastern-Middle-Europe, from these inspirations he developed his own style. In Hungary he is generally considered one of the strongest personalities of the "local school", that stream of Hungarian jazz and improvised music, which instead of imitating the Western mainstream, is dedicated to the creation of local values."

info from myspace


Csaba from KAMPEC DOLORES played from 1980 to 83 in Kontroll Csoport (Control Group), one of the leading bands of Hungarian new rock of those years.

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