nedeľa 7. júla 2013

BLACKBIRD "People Have The Power" (1990)

"Rock ´n´roll is not an artefact, but an attitude towards living, under full-control of the self"


Folk-rock/punk z Hong Kongu. BLACKBIRD znejú veľmi zaujímavo - zmes folku, pomalšieho rocku so štipkou punku s vplyvmi čínskej ľudovej hudby a anarcho textami.


Polit/A-punky folk-rock from Hong Kong.

"Blackbird are people who have been influenced by the student movement of '68, and so in the early 70's we started to be very active in Hong Kong social movements, we had a book shop, we published political books, we translated political texts in English and Chinese and published them here. But after almost a decade we found that the literary medium was not very effective anymore in social communications. So as we are, very interested in theatre and also in rock music, we decided to branch away these other mediums and close down the bookshop, and start a band and a theatre group band..."

(Guo Da-Nien, guitarist and singer of BLACKBIRD)

Band info/interview:


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