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MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY "Haiku... Gesundheit" (1994)

Totálny úlet. Mix punku, hardcoru, metalu, noise-coru, prog-rocku, jazzu a čo-ja-viem-ešte-čoho a pritom to nie je preplácané, ale živé a svieže. Kazeta so 129 songami...uf.
M.P.A. ťažko zaškatuľkovať, treba počuť.


Myslím, že bol s nimi rozhovor v zine K.A.Z., ak to nájdem, dám to sem. A v septembri by im mala vyjsť nová doska!


Great HC band from Canada. Lots of music influences, you can call it crossover, powerviolence, jazz-core...whatever. It is just a "strang core".

Release info:


more M.P.A. stuff:


...and advertisment on the end:

MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY - "Cold Natural Facts" LP (2013) Ltd 500 Copies: The final installment by one of Canada's most extraordinary underground cult groups to have emerged from the early 1990s. A group which transcended punk, grind, metal, free jazz, h/c, and noise reforms to deliver the absolutely unexpected; a solid album of heavy melodic rock with accents of doom and punk! The best of 1973 to 1978 or 1971 to 1981, depending on who's listening. Featuring the powerhouse rhythm section of once band-mates Kev Smith (Neos) and Jon London (Jerk Ward), who played together 1984-87 in punk-haiku trio Sludge Confrontations and premiere speed metal act Mission of Christ. "Cold Natural Facts" stands as the final-salute to drummer extraordinaire Jon London, who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away summer of 2012. Available September 2013. PRE-ORDER TODAY!

...order thru SUPREME ECHO facebook


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