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FALATRA(X) - video

Vďaka blogu Archaic Inventions som natrafil na zvláštnu maďarskú kapelu FALATRA(X). Dosť veľká šialenosť. Možno niečo ako maďarský Sv. Vincent? 
Poprosil som jedného známeho z Budapešti o nejaké info o nich, tak mi v krátkosti napísal:

Dear Mišo,

I didn't find too much information.

As a read in a Hungarian article about a member of the band, they played only 8-10 gigs, more times in a big culture house of Budapest in Almassy square.
Laszlo Szabo (nickname: Abigel) left Hungay in 1987 so this band had a short story.

Some members of Falatrax played earlier or later in many other known bands:
Gyuri Papp's bands: Marina Revue, Tizedes meg a többiek, Falatrax, Bensörmensz, Bandanas (He was in the East Punk Memories film, the bold, happy guy. He has played in Bandanas for many years.)
Viktor Árvai's bands: Elhárítás, Vágtázó Halottkémek, Falatrax

( There were earlier in 70s an other bands with this name, because that is a word-play: "falat raksz" means 'building walls'. ) L.K.

Neviete niekto o nich viac, resp. nemáte nejakú ich nahrávku?


Obscure crazy/noisy-punk/alternative band from Hungary.

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  1. Mišo!

    Thank you for being inspired by my article and sharing this information. Very happy to see this, then I know my job of running a blog actually makes sense. I know Gyuri Papp quite well and he is one of my "uncles". A pioneering Hungarian punk and inspiring person.

    In line with our interest I just wanted to say that the coming time I will share lots of Polish underground tapes from the 80s that I found.

    Always respect and love to Muzika Komunika!