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SEKTOR GAZA - Noch' Pered Rozhdestvom (1991)

Kapelu SEKTOR GAZA som prvý raz počul na pirátskej kazetovej kompilácii "Russische Neformalnie Sinfonien" (spolu s kapelami ako POGO, TSCHUDO JUDO, NOM, či VOPLI VIDOPLIASSOVA ...a pár ďalšími).

Hudobne je to taký sedlácky punk/rock/hard´n´heavy a do toho ešte zmes iných štýlov. Miestami mi to trochu príde ako takí punkoví Kopytovci. Mám niekoľko ich albumov v Mp3, už som ich na blog zopár dal. 

Info Discogs: Noch' Pered Rozhdestvom

Tu je obsiahlejšie info o kapele, ktoré som našiel v komentári ku ich klipu Sektor Gaza - Kolkhoz Punk na You tube:

Considered the "grand debauchers of Russia", this is one of the most controversial bands in Russian history. Sektor Gaza emerged out of the social reforms of the 1980's, known as "glastnost", a time when the government loosened censorship laws, and artists were finally allowed to write controversial music. Before glastnost, it was unthinkable that such blatantly rebellious music existed in Russia. "Kino" was one of the first rock bands in Russia to write songs about drug use. However, Kino was a little tame, and not overly controversial. Sektor Gaza were much more extreme - they were extremely vulgar, swore profusely in their music, and touched on themes of sex, drugs, rape, alcoholism, domestic violence, homelessness, and many other controversial themes. They emerged just as the Soviet Union was falling apart, in the late 1980's. Times were difficult, with food shortages, inflation, rampant crime, and a strong atmosphere of uncertainty about the future. Their first few albums, released before the Soviet Union officially dissolved, were not overly vulgar. For the time, they simply wrote rebellious songs about punk culture, songs about drugs, venereal disease, and so on. After the Soviet Union fell apart, however, Sektor Gaza began writing music with a lot more vulgarity, and their criticism of the government and of Russian society became much more extreme and blatant. Strong political themes and vulgarity were not the only aspect of Sektor Gaza. In fact, they were very multidimensional, and this is exactly what made them great. They wrote many songs about vampires, zombies, and monsters. They wrote songs about women and sex. They wrote songs about folklore and often sampled Russian folk music and other popular Russian jingles. In 1994, they released a "fairy tale" CD, where they told a typical Russian fairy tale about a frog who turned into a princess and was kidnapped by a villain, and of course, it was laced with lots and lots of vulgarity and typical Sektor Gaza "filth". For this album, they covered the foreign hits of the time and substituted their own lyrics. These included the Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Queen, and even Ace of Base. The uncertainty about the future became even stronger when the Soviet Union fell apart. People who had worked all their lives were left with very small or non-existent pensions, along with a feeling of hopelessness after dedicating their life's work to the Soviet Union with no reward. Sektor Gaza released an album in 1992, the year after the Soviet Union collapsed, the title song of which addressed this very feeling. The song was called "Gulyay Muzhik", which roughly translates to "go out on the town, man!", and its lyrics encourage you to drink away everything you have because "the communists pissed away our Russia" and left the people in a horrible situation, so we should just do the same and "drink for all this bullshit". Sektor Gaza was a true punk band, and this can be seen by the strange and querky subject matter of many of their songs. From dying in an outhouse, to asking your dad to buy you a motorcycle at the age of 16, to having to reject sex because you remembered that you're wearing really smelly socks and can't come into the apartment, Sektor Gaza covered just about every theme imaginable in their music. Sektor Gaza was the product of one man: Ury Klinskikh, who was later nicknamed Hoy. The band went through several turnovers of musicians, but Hoy always remained the singer and lyricist. In every way, this was his band. Unfortunately, Hoy passed away in 2000 due to a drug related health failure.


USSR punk.


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