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SOME OTHER PLACE "To Be Continued" (2003)

Príjemný post-rock/ambient z malebného mesta Tábor. CDčko mi daroval týpek čo tam hrával. Počas putovania južnými Čechami sme sa s Luckou krátko stavili aj v Tábore (viď: http://muzika-komunika.blogspot.sk/2010/10/taborova-muzika.html)a stretli sa s fajn ľudmi. A v pivničnej skúšobni miestnych kapiel som sa okrem debaty o tamojšej scéne dostal aj k tejto nahrávke.



Nice post-rock/ambient from Czech, released by Free Dimension Records.
Free Dimension is a D.I.Y. cultural organization comprised of musical groups, projects, DJ's, film makers and designers in the southern bohemian town of Tábor. It is a trade mark that envelopes the artists who perform, collaborate, create and present themselves there. Founded in 1996, Free Dimension Discotheque began as a collection of DJ's putting on dance parties. First they started producing concerts, then later records Free Dimension Records, recording studio Free Dimension Studio. The main purposes of the project are the act of collaborating through the arts, exchange of experience and information, mutual support and active participation.

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