sobota 30. mája 2020

AVE MARIA - looking for more sonx

Bulharská punková kapela. Hľadám viac songov, demo alebo živák.
Mám len jeden song - Vakancia v nedelya".

Ave Maria - Vakancia v nedelya (92 domo; noMR).rar



From: Sofia
Style: Punk
Active period: 1990-1991


In 1990, Pepi the Tree, Mitko, Yuli Hiparya and Kubana formed the cult punk band AVE MARIA. Gradually they managed to gain a name and an audience. They are doing two joint concerts with the bands AMBULANCE, PARASITE ", CHOLERA, NEW GENERATION, VIOLET GENERAL, ROCK TRION TON. They also organize a big punk concert in the space behind the monument of Tsar Osvoboditel together with the groups NEW FLOWERS, CHOLERA, VIOLET GENERAL and JACK IN THE BOX. The next concert of AVE MARIA is together with the group CONTROL. In the same year, the band received an offer to sign a contract with a music company, but Pepi was late for the meeting and the recording of the album never took place. Ave Maria's last concert was in 1991 in Hall 11 of the National Palace of Culture. Dissatisfied with the organization, the musicians came out on stage completely naked and the police stopped the concert.

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