štvrtok 28. mája 2020

Bulgarian Rock Archives - web

Archív bulharského rocku na webe.

Encyklopédia kapiel zatriedených podľa abecedy, roku vzniku, regiónu, žánru. Budem sa snažiť nájsť niektoré aj na kazetách/MP3.

Mňa samozrejme najviac zaujímajú punkové kapely: http://www.bg-rock-archives.com/genres.php?gnr=ps, new wave/avantgarda:
alternatíva:http://www.bg-rock-archives.com/genres.php?gnr=ai a hardcore: http://www.bg-rock-archives.com/genres.php?gnr=hm.

This is an encyclopedia of Bulgarian rock music from its inception (first half of the 60s) to the present day. The aim of the project is to collect information about groups that rely on original music. The profile of each group or artist includes his short biography, list of musicians, discography, links to official pages. The subject of the encyclopedia are NOT formations working on ferries and restaurants, cover and tribute groups (except for the period of the 60's to the mid-70's, when everything was in its infancy and most of the rock bands played covers

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