sobota 23. mája 2020

VENYA DRKIN - Tae zori (1999)

Folkový bard Venya Drkin. Rozprávka, poviedka.


Alexander Litvinov worked on this work for most of his creative life - from the beginning of the 90s. This audio version of “Tae Zori” was recorded in the winter of 1999 and, unfortunately, far from fully reflects the author’s grandiose plan. It remains only to lament about the unfair way in which life circumstances developed, as a result of which the project was never fully implemented.

Venya D'rkin is an author-performer, [artist, poet, storyteller] who very “successfully” emerged with his work amid the collapse of everything in the mid-90s. The peak of his "Artistic Career" came in the crisis of the 98th. And in August 99, he died of blood cancer. As a result: a huge amount of completely brilliant, but "raw" material. Not a single high-quality recording that the author would be pleased with.


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