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Путти ‎– Дети как дети / Putti - Children as Children (1985 / 2019)

PUTTI - Sibírska punk rocková kapela hrajúca od roku 1983. 
Ich spevák aj kreslí, ilustruje, no je to takom kolotočárskom štýle.

Путти ‎– Дети как дети

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Путти ‎– Дети как дети


Info about band: 

April 14, 1983 - the group "PUTTI" was born in Novosibirsk. Unable to play properly, the musicians decided that it was punk rock, since it was believed that if there was no hearing and no voice, but at the same time they played loudly, it means punks. Putti refuted all these beliefs and having learned to sing and play not only on one string, they gained all-Union fame in the late 80s primarily with their cheerful songs and active concert activity. Putti is one of the first groups of the Siberian underground and the ability to work professionally has become an integral part of real Siberian rock and musical culture as a whole. The group experimented a lot with sound and style, ranging from the old carlo barrel organ to the ska style pipe and ending with the harp and dances of the army choir. Today, Putti is one of the last Mohicans of Russian rock that originated this great culture in Siberia.

Info about this album: 

Children as children”, 1985.
“A rare and complete shit, but a huge joy for collectors, since at that time we only comprehended the basics of playing music. They did not know how to play and make the right sounds, but they did these attempts from the heart. If you yourself want to play in a group, but no one knows how to kick anything, then don’t be upset, just listen to this album to feel like a member of a cool band. After all, the main thing is to start ... And this touching album was our firstborn in the distant eighties, ”- Alexander Chirkin.


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