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Neznámi ruskí pesničkári - domáce nahrávky

Pri putovaní zákutiami internetu som natrafil na digitalizované nahrávky rôznych obskúrnych ruských pesničkárov.

Info od chlapíka ktorý to digitalizoval:

Digitized archive.

A diverse collection of live recordings of completely unknown musicians, compiled back in 1998 by the informals of the Maikop district of the Republic of Adygea and presented to me in exchange for recordings of the Siberian underground (I remember these were tapes with recordings of Tomsk teams “Epochs of Aquarius”, “TBP”, Mobile Hiroshim "," The Roofs ", Artyom Zhilyakov and others).Surprisingly, at that time all this was located, exchanged and listened in large quantities without any Internet! In the 90s in all regions there was a lot of all kinds of underground, manage to record, there weren’t enough tapes! Then it was all terribly interesting to me, "official rock" was of little interest to me. And today this rare collection has found a digital life and is going online. I suspect that these are the only surviving records of the authors listed below (if this is not so, I will only be happy!).

Side A
"Yellow Dumper" (Sochi) Live 1998 (some songs from this concert were in this post ( https://vk.com/id1614780?w=wall1614780_2645/all ). It’s a very original, nothing like Sochi team.
1) Sparrow
2) Nothing was considered
3) Fear
4) Back
5) Someone is in the closet
6) Everything that was, everything that was not there

Yurik Rastaman (aka "Electric") (Sochi)
1) You have not seen
2) The girl with the braid
3) Do not interfere
4) The guy came from Vietnam

An unknown dude from Taganrog. Explicitly admirer of Bashlachev.
1) In the morning I thought it would rain ...
2) The night is to blame for everything
3) I don’t notice anything
4) Everything is covered with snow
5) Negligent attitude
6) They filled up the dimple
7) I got up, went out
8) I look in the palm of my hand
9) Wolf (Nobody I’m not at home)
10) We will hold on to the fence

Side B
Grigory Reichtman (Sverdlovsk). The recording was made in 1995 in the mountain village of Sakhrai (Maikop district, Adygea republic)
1) The hard way
2) A bowstring of intense onions
3) Time for blues
4) Under the clouds of Mars
5) It is necessary
6) There is a former joy in the eyes
7) Morning
8) Swallows
9) I would like to tell you
10) At the crossroads
11) Walnut
12) One speaks to the other
13) Two strokes
14) Rain
15) Changes the face of the city
16) Drink whiskey, sir
17) An amazing dream
18) Summer will come, summer will pass

19) Lullaby of the captain
20) Burned with beauty
21) I will give you a note on the Denon cassette
22) A pause in the wind
23) Speed
24) Cold

 Live (cassette digitization)
 digitization of the cartridge
 Live circa 1997-98. (cassette digitization)
 Live in Sahrai in 1995
Cassette TDK D type I. Digitization - November 30, 2019 Resources: 3-head Pioneer CT-S410 deck, Sennheiser headphones, Audacity2.0.5 program.

320kbs mp3 files are available here - https://yadi.sk/d/yyygsqKBjNNZxQ

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