nedeľa 28. júna 2020


Francúzsky punkový fanzin so záberom aj na východoeurópsku scénu.

(Thanx to László for sending link.)



French punk zine from late 80´s?.

Info: For Eddy Basset, agitator of CALADESHNIKOV , to make his fanzine is to build his punk fight , engaged from his entry into punkitude: "Being punk was no longer the fruit of a long reflection but rather something visceral. My punkitude I fully assumed it in everyday life (including work). " (April 87)

His commitment is an ideal, it has a meaning: "the alternative remains strong for all the individuals who work behind the scenes. (...) After the reverence of Bérurier Noir, the media and big brother will have to turn elsewhere and let the alternative continue its substantive work away from greedy and prying eyes. The aim is not to live on the alternative but to achieve it on sustainable and serious grounds both socially, economic and political. A lot of work in perspective, but hoping that one day the black sun will not shine only in our heads. " (Editorial from n ° 4-1989)

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