nedeľa 14. júna 2020

Teplaya Trassa - Eto mir (Christmas album) 1993

Sibírsky rock/post-punk.

Stručné info z ich stránky:

"Between 1991 and 1993, the group recorded seven albums, the songs of which are most well known to the general public. All albums were recorded at home using the  overlay” method using a mixing console, tape recorder, reverb and microphone. At that time, the group managed to play: Shao, Talonov, Veteran, Alexander Podorozhny, Yuri  Horror” Sergeyev, Alexey  Myha” Kiryachkov and Oleg  Architect” Loginov.
The main merit in creating the TT sound, as well as all the arrangements and most of the musical material, belongs to Sergey Talonov - in a creative and spiritual alliance with Vadim Makashents, the creator and ideological inspirer of the group, whose spiritual basis and ideological platform he developed during the creation of the PNS magazine "...


Post/punk-rock from Siberia.


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