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Kazeta s dvoma živákmi, ktorú láskavo zapožičal Otto Itkonen.

Na A. strane sú LOS SOMMROS, koncert z Brna na Křenke, rok 1994.
Na B. strane je kapela DOGS ANTI COPS v ktorej Otto hral počas svojho pobytu v Čechách.
Koncert z Horních Heršpic.

Obe nahrávky sú v linku - aj v MP3 aj vo Waw formáte. Každá strana je na jednom tracku zatiaľ.

Link iba na požiadanie cez mail.

Info o kapele DOGS ANTI COPS od speváka Otta:

Otto, please, can you write me down short info about DOGS ANTI COPS?

Uh... Me? I was just the vocalist.... Well. As I see it, Pogo the drummer was like the mastermind. If I recall correctly he had the idea for Dogs Anti Cops brewing for as long as a couple of years before we started in 1994. I asked him "why Dogs Anti Cops what does it mean?" and Pogo explained me that it is simply the Dogs against cops, the Dogs being punx and anarchists and other underdogs. Cool thinking! I think he had been writing lyrics and music but all the time just looking for a steady personnel to play with.The bass player was probably Pogo's friend. Unfortunately, I didnt get to know him that well because we really didnt share a language together. And I might remember this all wrong but I think that the guitarist Martin Bedrich came to the band through me or was somehow encouraged to join by me anyways. I just happened to know him from my second visit to Czech Republic in July 1993. We hung out and drank beer in Bohumin (Dolny Lutyne) at the Agathocles gig and made friends. He later travelled a week in our Selfish / Uutuus -tour van in October 1993 with Lenka. And I guess we had some vague idea of playing in a band one day. But then again, Pogo was quite familiar with the Brno punx so probably they knew each other to some extent. We had a rehearsal space in one garage up on the hilly slopes of Vyskov. Very small and quite primitive setting, cheap instruments, partly self-made. All four of us together had rehearsals probably 10 times or less. I didnt make it there quite as often as the others but also the bass player was sometimes not there when I had come for the practise. Communication was difficult in those days and we were in fact really short of money. Piss poor by today's standards! Anyways, there was after a while a dozen or so songs ready and we were prepared to play a gig. Besides this one show recorded at Horni Herspice, Brno we have played in Praha (at Propast) a while after or before? the Brno gig. Probably after Brno coz for me at least the Brno gig has always been my first with Dogs Anti Cops because of the slight excitement and nervousness I recall from the show. It was supposed to be supporting The Varukers but they missed the show because of some problems at the borderline or something like that. It was a big show with several 100s in the audience. Pogo wanted us to do really good, maybe he wanted to show the people that he has some good song material thought out. Well, it was quite long set that we did and I guess the gas started to run out from me at least by the end of the show. I know one of the last songs was a cover by Nausea and I couldnt do it properly even in the rehearsals with a lyric sheet so Pogo ended up doing most of the vocals besides the drumming too. Ha ha! Anyways, a lot of punx seemed to enjoy us and there was some good dancing most of the gig I think. So, what else? We didnt do any rehearsal or studio recordings and the gig in Praha was not documented in any way. Well. The band never officially stopped but I guess it just somehow faded into obscurity when I moved back to Finland in July 1995. Sometimes I have wondered whats up with those ex-bandmates of mine? I hope they are safe & well. Thanks guys for the nice memories!

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Punk/crust bands from Czech, mid 90´s. Live sets from both of them.


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