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False / Фалш

Bulharský 90´s punk rock.


From: Veliko Tarnovo
Style: Punk Rock
Active period: 1990-1996


The group was founded in 1990 in Veliko Tarnovo by students from different cities in the country. Sasho is from Sofia and has played in a metal band. The people from Berkovo, Lubo, Krum and Nasko, played hard rock with the local band KLADA, and Mitaka was part of the Sliven band SYMBOL. Apart from different places, the musicians are also fans of different styles of music. The result of the different musical tastes of the members is reflected in the style of the group, defined by the media as Happy Punk. The first concert is at the KEV in Tarnovo. Most of the band's concerts are at the University and in the Orbita Hall, but they also have performances in Sofia and Cherven Bryag. The band recorded two demo albums, which they distributed at their concerts with booklets with the lyrics of the songs. The music and lyrics are the work of the whole group. The group was active until 1996, when musicians complete their education. In the last few concerts they use the services of a guest pianist - Radoslav Todorov.

  • 1992 - 01 - Бел.mp3
  • 1992 - 02 - В моята малка квартира.mp3
  • 1992 - 03 - Времето ни носи.mp3
  • 1992 - 04 - Три листа.mp3
  • 1992 - 05 - Страшна веселба.mp3
  • 1992 - 06 - Зелена муха блус.mp3
  • 1992 - 07 - Горска песен.mp3
  • 1992 - 08 - Искам да пея, докато съм .mp3
  • 1992 - 09 - Дай ми ръб.mp3
  • 1992 - 10 - Свинска песен.mp3

  • http://www.bg-rock-archives.com/bio.php?band_id=925


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