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I am checking many blogs and I like many of them. Today I want to introduce one nice blog from Croatia. I wrote few e-mails with Jurko before and he seems to be a friendlly guy. So later when I stated my blog, I send him few questions.

Short intro:
As Jurko wrote, he posts on his blog "all raw hardcore punk bands that are destroying my brain" and "you can expect to find some issues that I reviewed in my fanzine".But, this blog is not necessary related with my fanzine, so I'll put here all interesting stuff I find and which is good to my ear"

Read and you will know more

questions: mišo
answers: jurko

check this blog here!!!


Here we go:

1. Introduce your self little bit and tell: What was/is main idea of you blog? What does means "Kaaos ja vapaus" ? Why did you decide start your blog?

Hi, I'm Juraj from Osijek, Croatia. I'm 19 years old. Right now I live in Zagreb where I study Political science. I'm also member of anarcho-syndicalist organisation The Network of Anarcho-Syndicalists (MASA - http://masa-hr.org).
The main idea of my blog was to make online version of my punk fanzine "Vapaus!" (Eng. Freedom). That's why I called my blog "Kaaos ja vapaus", which is Finnish for "chaos and freedom". Now, as I don't really have a lot of time to write fanzine, the main purpose of my blog is to replace my fanzine. Also, the purpose of my blog is to post interesting music (not just hardcore punk!) and rare music, especially if it's from Yugoslavia or Croatia.

2. Yugoslavian punk scene starts very early, well known bands like PANKRTI, PARAF, early PRLJAVO KAZALISTE, PEKINSKA PATKA, KUZLE or others are now legends. What do you think are most ignore or forgotten Yugo band from 70s/80s? Which bands rules today in your country, in Croatia ?

Uh, the most ignored/forgotten bands? I don't really know, because there are a lot of them. People really don't care about exYU 70s/80s punk etc., especially if those bands published just one tape and stoned existing. Yugoslavia in 70s and 80s wasn't place like Western world where you could make LP or 7'' when ever you wanted. Really few punk bands from Yugoslavia made a record! Today people care only about bands which brake trough underground or sort like: Pekinška Patka, early Prljavo Kazalište, Paraf and all that "new wave" crap like Film, Azra etc. Also, in "DIY punx" circles bands such as Odpadki Civilizacije, Tožibabe, U.B.R., Patareni, (Herpes) Distress, Solunski Front etc. started to became fashion. You know, punx started to listen to them just because older punx like them etc. which is kind of shit, but I don't care, because to me the most important thing is that those bands don't stay forgotten. On my blog I try to put the large number of them, but I haven't heard for a large number of bands which played in 80s. I'm trying to dig those out :)

3. Jurko, your blog is mainly hardcore-oriented, but you posted also some records in different music genres r.
What was the biggest surprise for your ears from "not-hardcore" music in last time? And HC stuff?

I like a lot of different kinds of music. To me music itself is genius. Music is like my fuel... I could say that it's a huge part of my life. I like to listen from hardcore punk to post-punk, darkwave, death rock, old hard rock & heavy metal (especially Black Sabbath), to reggae, ska etc.
The biggest surprise? Lately? Hm... Ok, here's list in no particular order:
1) Augustus Pablo (Dub genius from Jamaica.)
2) The Clash (Well, I'm their biggest fan, but I just bought their live LP, and it's fabulous.)
3) Clint Eastwood - Death in Arena LP (Nice roots reggae from Jamaica)
4) Tinariwen - Imidiwan CD (Roots, blues, rock etc. from Sahara desert... wonderful!)
5) Bandista (Bolshevik Turkish ska, world music band. Nice music, but bad politics.)
6) Karandila - Revolution LP (Bulgarian gypsy orchestra which covered old communist songs.)
There's always more stuff, but I can't remember now.

And, concerning hardcore I couldn't say that I found something new, I just could say that I can't stop listening to IV Reich, which is one of the best bands in the world. Pilar (their guitar player) just send me lyrics of their song "Una bala para ti" (eng. A bullet to you), which is one of the best punk lyrics ever. But, if the talk about hardcore punk I started to listen recently old 80s American skinhead bands (not Nazis), and their 90s and 00s copys. It's nice sound, but I'm more for European hardcore. Also, I'm listening to EU's Arse all the time. They are one of the best live bands I ever watched.

I hope it's good :)

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