nedeľa 13. septembra 2009

...muzyka naszej młodości z kaset magnetofonowych i nie tylko. szeroko rozumiany polski punk, awangarda i nowa fala lat osiemdziesiątych..., here is more about "polski punk" a "nie tylko". is one of the blogs that I really like. Why? You can find here so many well/known, but also forgotten bands from Poland. I really like polish bands,their sound, language, feeling. I know few of them and this blog open for me new discoveries on field of alternative music.

I wrote few questions for Arturro who running this blog/page.

Questions: mišo
Answers: arturro

1. What was/is main idea of you blog? Stilon C. tape was one of symbol of Polish music back in 80s? What do you prefer - tape or vinyl?

Idea of my blog is remind to people the old polish punk/new wave/reggae/avant-garde bands from 80-ies. Some of them still playing on, some of them splitted up many years ago. Some of them are forgotten bacause they no left any official recordings. In 80-ies we had maybe more than 10 records with music that I prefer, so cassettes/tapes were most popular in Poland. Stilon Gorzów is a name of one of the most popular polish cassette in 80-ies. Because there were not so much official music publication I try to present recordings from demos, rehearsal and gigs.

2. Polish scene were so huge in 80s. Where did you searching/digging these recordings? they are from you collection? What do you thik is one of most ignore or forgotten polish band from 80s? and some of you memorable concert back in 80s?

Polish scene in 80-ies was very strong and people still have really huge archive of music. Most of recordings on my blogspot coming from my archive, some of them I get from friends and some have been found on internet. Sometimes ex-members of old bands sending me stuff as well.
With presentation of bands I'm first choosing music that I like and I know - that's my blog and I've got to right to do that. Doesn't mean I ignore other bands. Just sometimes I have not their recordings at the moment.
Old gig of some forgotten stars? Why not, but personally I'm against re-union of old bands that doing this very often just for money and getting profits from their old legend. We've got differnet time now, different people and other trends of music. It's destroying our memory of them and our respect to their old achievements. Plenty of re-unions are really crap anyway.

3. Do you have some feedback to your archive work? Are you try contact also members, ex-members of these bands? What gives you motivation for continue?

Estimate of my work is popularity of my blogspot (sometimes too big), lot of comments of people who still remember old polish music. Sometimes my blogspot is
only one place for many people to speak about music like this. Couple of old bands sent me messages with thanks that some people still remember them.
Personally I don't make contact with old bands, because many of them have a strange attitude with their old productions from 25 years and sometimes it's
causing lot of problems.
I'm doing my job as anonymous person, I don't care about personal popularity, making a hero or guru from myself. It reason why is a first and last interview.
I enjoy making my blog and it's giving lot of delight to other ones. It's very good motivation to carry on.

thanks for Pablo (Punk as fuck - blogspot) for translation
(by the way, this is another great music blog, check it out:

so, to the end, one forgotten band:
Ivo Partizan - "jeden z czołowych przedstawicieli polskiej zimnej fali."

Ivo Partizan was formed in Mogilno, Poland in 1984. Band was named after Yugoslavian partisan leader Ivo Lola Ribar, killed in 1943. Their music was influenced by Joy Division and Bertold Brecht. Group is almost unknown even in Poland. Ivo Partizan decayed in 1987 and played 13 concerts only.
They never made any official release.


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