pondelok 21. septembra 2009

LORD ALEX - "Dni a noci"

LORD ALEX is slovakian punk band playing since end of 80s till now.
Two bands- KRACH and BARBUS start to practice and play here in Bratislava.
September :First concert of both bands was in garage in Jurajov Dvor. The crowd consist from their 30 friends. New line-up comming soon: Mikko - drums; Veslo - vocal; Mladý Ledo - guitar, vocal; Gulatý - bass, vocal.
August : First real concert with name LORD ALEX in collage club on Konventna street besides bands KOSA Z NOSA, MLADÉ ROZLETY a POKRYTCI.
September :Recording of first demo “Dni a noci“ in practice room on Lackova street 5.
It was released on In Flagranti rec.

And that demo is here:

If you are interesting about present of the band you can check their myspace:


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