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ZÓNA A "Útok na špicu hitparády" tape 1994/Pavian rec.

Zóna A is slovakian punk legend. They are controverse for their opinions/attitudes and mainly younger d.i.y./left-wings punks are against them. Zóna A is influeced of clasicall punk rock from late 70s. This tape is document of their first 5 years.

History (taken from Zona A site)
Roots of ZONA A can be found in PARADOX, punk rock band which exist since January 1980 until April 1984, produced three demo tapes and made 11 live appearances.
Immediately after split of PARADOX were main songwriters of the band KONYK - lead vocals and LEDO - guitar, joined by OZI - drums, SVETO - guitar ( both ex members of EXTIP, another punk band which exist since 1980 ) and BRANO ALEX - bass and ZONA A was born.
There were only very limited possibilities to play gigs in those years under communist regime. It must be done secretly, or under fake name, because many gigs were cancelled or destroyed by secret police. There was no possibility to put records out during communist era, so Zona A only released 4 demo tapes. Two first were recorded in the rehearsal room, other two secretly in studio.
In 1985 short TV film about band was made, but never broadcasted, because communist TV leaders labeled it as " unsuitable for socialist youth ".
There were no possibilities to play outside of CSSR either. When the band was invited to Poland's biggest festival, Jarocin in 1986, secret police take away the passports of the band members to avoid the appearance.
In the start of 1988 SVETO left the band, to reform EXTIP ( They did one great LP in 1991 ). He was replaced by semi permanent member ELVIS who played accordion. Since 1988, situation started to be better, because of " perestroika " time. There were first legal appearances on official festivals, interviews in national newspapers, radio etc. State record company OPUS offered to put out a single. It was not released because the band refused to change the lyrics to the songs.
Anyway, in summer 1989, they were first punk band to appear in czechoslovak TV " Top of the pops". Also another TV film was made, but again, it hit the air only after the velvet revolution in fall of 1989. Band played big celebration festivals to support velvet revolution at the end of 1989, in Prague it was in front of 20 000 people, Vaclav Havel included.
In the start of 1990 BRANO and OZI left, to form SLOBODNA EUROPA, ( they produced 2 cool punk ‘n’ roll albums, till they split in 1994, because of heroin addiction, were reformed in 2000 again ). They were temporarily replaced by MIKI - bass and TIBOR - drums, both EXTIP members. Both stayed for one year, because band wait for LUMP's ( Ledos brother ) return from the army service.
In spring 1990 was the first Slovakian record - LP ” POTOPA ” recorded. It was for the state record company, because independent record companies, still did not exist in those days. It was in biggest record studio in Czechoslovakia, ( before them, there was in a classical orchestra, 60 members included ! ). There were first appearances on different compilations and also first gigs in Western Europe : Italy, Switzerland and Austria.
In January 1991, the line up was complete, with LUMP - bass ( former guitarist in local punk bands KRACH and LORD ALEX ) and MIKKO - drums ( ex LORD ALEX too ). In 1993 was second album released and band started to be included in numerous punk and oi! compilations in the Western Europe.
Since 1996 until 2002 was the band under EMI - Slovakia ( It was very big major company - chief and secretary were the only employees :)
In start of 2002 original guitarist and main songwriter LEDO left the band to form PRINCOVIA. He was replaced by REVO, who is, of course, ex EXTIP member again.
Since then the band is producing their records on their own Inflagranti Records label. In 2006 band played fist time in England and since this time they return there each year. In the same year they made two support slots for their favorite band - The Adicts.
Drummer MIKKO left the band in summer 2008 and was replaced with TULEN ( ex SLOBODNA EUROPA, ex EXTIP ).
For the 25 th anniversary in spring 2009 is prepared big Czechoslovak tour, " best of " album and DVD.

Played here : England, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary.

Played with : Adicts, Sham 69, Toten Hosen, TV Smith, Major Accident, Vibrators, Anti-Nowhere League, UK Subs, Drones, Peter & Test Tube Babies, One Way System, Guttersnipes, Iggy Pop, Splodgenessabounds, Menace ...

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