piatok 2. októbra 2009

PROBLEM 5 "Demo"

PROBLÉM 5 was founded in Bratislava back in 1982, but first with name TRAVEX. Line up was:
Fredo (vocal), Ivan ”Moťo” Motlík (guitar), Petr ”Nemo”
Neumahr (guitar), Braňo Kalický (bass) a Roman Melišek
(drumms),and after some problems with name they chaged it to PROBLEM 5.Later they were some line-up changes. Inter alia singer Fredo(which have African roots)left the band, later has became succesfull break-dancer and make dance career.
Band have few gigs in Bratislava with ZONA A and TLAK in mid-80s. But later another changes in line-up and band splited up. Short ressurection in 1989/90 but just for few gigs. But almost 20 year later in 2007 they started to play again.

their demo you can find here:



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