nedeľa 11. októbra 2009


MICHAELS UNCLE (or MAJKLUV STRÝČEK, or M.O.) is HC band from Prague. Band was founded in 1987 with line-up: Amrit Sen (vocal), Petr Stanko (guitar, vocal), Ivan Klein (bass), Jaroslav Stuchlý (drumms) a Karel Jančák (guitar). In 1989, before demo Svině was recorded, Karel Jančák left band. Demo was official released on LP/CD in 1992 by Black point music.
In 1990 they released great LP "The end of dark psychadelia" awesome record.
MICHAELS UNCLE were influenced by NYC underground/HC music of 70s/80s, later become more agressive style with crazy vocal.

After Velvet revolution '89 band is going to stagnation, because drug addicts of some members. In 1995 they made album "Ale my stále hledáme štěstí, ale nikdo z nás ještě není mrtev", played some gigs, tour and turn to stagnation again. They started to play again in 2004 and playing till now with original singer.

The title of record means: "Pigs !!"


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  1. I LOVE this record!! thanks for getting the songs into my computer. Just discovered your posts today, and i think i will be spending a lot of time here now!
    i missed MICHAELS UNCLE in Prague by just two days earlier this year, I would love to see them live, even now.


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