pondelok 19. októbra 2009

DAVOVÁ PSYCHÓZA "Antropofóbia" 1991


Another classic. DAVOVÁ PSYCHÓZA was one of most influential punk band in Slovakia This is their first album. Melodic punk. Band was established in the beginning of 1988. Some members played in KOTA 22 before. Line up:
Jano Kassa (vocal), Marcel Duchoň (guitar, vocal), Roman Hlobeň (bass) a Martin Šebeň (drumms). First demo was recorded in autumn 1989, and also made some videoclips. In 1991 was released album Antropofóbia (on LP/cassete) on Opus rec. More about D.P. later...


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  1. aka pekna kazetka.keby mal niekto LP, ktoré nepotrebuje nech napise na: matej.m2@gmail.com urcite sa niejako dohodneme