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Today is time for another kind of music.
GATTCH were slovakian beat/prog/art rock band which playing in 1969-1974. They try to connected rock music with jazz and serious music.
Band was founded in Nové Zámky in 1969 and the title is made from arabesques of names of musicans. First line up:

* "George" Juraj Štefula - bicie nástroje
* "Ali" Ľudovít Beladič - piano
* "Tony" Anton Lančarič - basgitara
* "Tomy" Tomáš Rédey - gitara, husle
* "Charlie" Karol Slanina - doprovodná gitara

...later some line-up changes.

their discography:

* 1971: Na na na / Kontrapunktická etuda (EP, Opus)
* 1971: Gattch (LP, Opus)
* 2002: Komplet (kompilácia, 2 CD, Sony Music/Bonton)

when you saw somewhere their LP take it, don´t hesitate!

GATTCH playing live last time back in 1972, but they have one concert in 2007 on Legend 60 gig - after 35 years, and then this year on festival BIG BEAT Zelena voda. I saw them both times. They were good.

here is GATTCH EP 1972 (sorry, no cover)

1. Na, na, na
2. Kontrapunktická etuda


and here is video from Legend 60 concert


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