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ĽAHKÁ MÚZA "Tieň bolesti" CD (1992)

Tretí album ĽAHKEJ MÚZY. Vyšlo ako CD/LP na Zoon records. LP verziu sa mi žiaľ stále nájsť nepodarilo.

Nowday post is dedicated to Slovakian goth/industrial/alternative legend ĽAHKÁ MÚZA.
Last sathurday I was on their concert here in Bratislava. It was dark, sad, atmospheric. So I would like to share some atmosphere with you. And also they´re celebrate 25 anniversary this year, so it is also opportunity for some retrospective. I posted their album "Tieň Bolesti", which was released back in 1992 (on CD/LP Zoon Records, Czechoslovakia).




(part of) History

In 1984 the foursome young musicians (Gudrun, 677,German H. and Dr.K) found their band. On a post punk euphoria and new wave ground arise first songs of Ľahká Múza. The band has traditional set-up: vocal, guitar, bass and drums. Although the band came into being in a period of culminating communism, “where everything, that was having any breath of “western“ art, was defective“, it did find its place with its new wave production on czech underground scene, that was supporting all “unofficial“ arts. In this period was releasing of records to any unofficial artist impossible and therefore all such music used to be recorded only on tapes. This way comes out in 1988 first live album “Schizofónia“.
At the end of 1990 bass guitar player German H. leaves the band. In this period goes the band through significant transformation of musical orientation, it definitely waives from new guitar sound and tends to raw minimalistic “guitar“ industrial. This period maps studio recording “Nevinnosť“, which until now belongs to the “rawest”, that the band ever released. Black Point shows an interest to release both albums and so are “Schizofónia“ and “Nevinnosť“ released on this label in 1991.
However, despite all artistic success, at the end of 1991 leaves the band also its drummer, Dr.K. Ľahká Múza is now only a duo: Gudrun + 677. In this period they limit their concert work and start to prepare their new album “Tieň bolesti“. In 1992 it appears as their CD debut on a slovak label ZOON RECORDS.
In 1993 Czechoslovakia falls apart and that brings along unpleasant results to band, that is well run in czech part of previous federation.
At the turn of years 1994 – 1995 the band reaches to the very edge of “minimalistic“ industrial processes and it is looking for a way to new arrangement mains and to the overall sound expression.

And present? You can find bilingual info here:http://www.lahkamuza.net/ or http://www.myspace.com/lahkamuza


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