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V/A "Czech till now you were alone" (1984)

A great compilation "Czech till now you were alone". It was compilation of Czech alternative bands released as LP on Italian label Old Europa Cafe in 1984. I know, it is not in the best quality (even I am not sure, if all songs are complete), but it´s good reference of that times. I found this link on punkuj.com. Thanx for sharing!
Songs recorded between 1981-84.


or here:





Kompilačka českých alternatívnych kapiel z prvej polovice 80-tych rokov. Skladby nahrané v rokoch 1981-84. Pre lepšiu predstavu vzťahu tej doby a alternatívnej kultúry je tu kúsok z knihy Alternativa od Mikoláša Chadimu (člen kapiel EXTEMPORE a MCH BAND).


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  1. Hi, I just found thi post and would love to hear this record. Is there any way to re-upload it as the link has expired. Great blog.


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