nedeľa 27. decembra 2009

Slovenian punk/HC

I visited Slovenia three times. Nice country, nice people, I like it there. And I like their music I write short advise to some good music from Slovenia. It was first country in ex-Yugoslavia when the hardcore bands start to play. And there are many good places for gigs around the Slovenia. More about them next time. But I mentioned Metelkova and Tovarna Rog in Ljublana. If you are go to Slovenia, don´t miss them!

try this blog, you can find there some slovenian punk/hc records from past/present and some info + info about gigs, and many links to many bands.

you can download some good music, for example:

part 1.:
part 2.:


Center Za Dehumanizacijo - Forma Živa (1985-87)

photo from book "Center za dehumanizacijo V sen sem jih videl"

and that is me in Metelkova area:

and here are article (only in slovenian language) about zines in Slovenia: (it is taken from book "Fanzini - komunikacijski medij subkultur" 2001 which was made from autor´s diploma work - at Faculty of philosophy (subject field sociology) in Ljublana).

hey, I found one more great LP - on Audio heaven blog (I saw it during my travel over Slovenia, but it was too expencive) here it it for free:


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